Riding a bike or electric cycle is healthier, cheaper and better for the environment. If you are considering buying an electric cycle to get around, but don’t know if it’s right for you, why not borrow one from us for free first?

We have a range of hybrid and folding e-bikes, e-trikes and an e-cargo/family cycle available to borrow, for free*, for up to a month. In addition to the bikes, we can lend out locks, lights, helmets, panniers, high-vis jackets and bike maintenance kits.

*There is a refundable £50 deposit required for borrowing an e-bike and a £100 deposit required for borrowing the e-trikes and e-cargo/family cycle.

How do I borrow?

To request to borrow a bike, email info@langtouncycles.org.uk, call 01592 328920 or visit our bike shop within opening times to fill out a request form.

We need to see 2 forms of ID – 1 photographic and 1 proof of address before you are able to borrow any of our bikes or ebikes.

Bikes are available on a first come, first-served basis (you may not be able to borrow one straight away, but will be able to ‘book-in’ for the future).

Any personal details you give us will be stored securely and will not be shared with any third party. View our full privacy policy here.