Free Electric Bike Hire at Lang Toun Cycles

Published by Andrea Elder on

Hear from our Shop Assistant Karen about her experiences and insight into our free Bike Library.

At Lang Toun Cycles, we can help you ease back into cycling. We’ll provide an e-bike for a month so you can ditch the car and commute to work. Or pop to the local shop on your bike and enjoy cycling along the prom. Our feedback analysis shows that 80% of our e-bike library users plan on buying an e-bike.

Part of my job as a sales assistant is to chat to customers about the e-bike library we have in the shop. A government scheme enabled the shop to buy the e-bikes we have available and pays for the free use of the e-bikes. We ask for various deposits, £50 for two-wheel folding or hybrid e-bikes, £100 for e-trikes, and £150 for the cargo bike. Plus, a photo ID and proof of your address. When you bring the bike back in the same condition you picked it up, we refund your deposit. Simple.

That’s right, there is no charge for the hire.

I hadn’t ridden a bike for two decades before I heard about the e-bike scheme and signed up as a borrower in January. I wasn’t the most confident rider. However, I appreciated the electric assistance that kicked in at the press of a button. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve walked or cycled up Lang Toun’s hills.

After getting back on the saddle, I felt fine with my balance, and I didn’t fall off once! I didn’t try out any busy main roads, though. Instead, I stuck to the quieter back roads and the promenade.

If I could afford to buy an electric bike, I would. However, my choice to work half a week to have more leisure time means that I can only afford one of the refurbished bikes in the shop. Of which we now have plenty because our new mechanic, John, started recently.

Cycle training sessions

In March, I got my confidence back from a level 2 cycle training course. Gary, the trainer, Beth, and I started in Beveridge Park and headed to the quiet roads to practise turning right and left at junctions.

Sunday Socials

I’ve also signed up for all the Sunday Socials on the Greener Kirkcaldy website.

On May 1st, it was the Town centre and Beveridge Park bike ride. The Mosey to Markinch on May 8th started in Carberry Road. The title picture was snapped by new Sunday Social member Ben below. We were led and back marked by Greener Kirkcaldy volunteers along mostly cycle paths.

Sunday Social attendee Ben standing behind the two-wheeled electric bike on its stand

I’m very glad I had borrowed the lovely e-bike pictured in all its glory above for the leisurely ride. There were a few hills that my knees wouldn’t have managed without a surge of energy from the electric assist motor. It wasn’t a lazy ride because I still had to pedal, but I didn’t have creaky knees the following day!

Interested in borrowing an e-bike? Pop into Lang Toun Cycles Shop for a borrower’s form, and we’ll sort a bike out for you. Please give us a minimum of 24 hours to organise it. Here’s a link to more information.

The Sunday Social – Kirkcaldy Loop and Nature Bike Ride are on May 22nd, and Sunday 29th May, respectively, from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.

The sessions are free. If you fancy (re)connecting with the cyclist in you, we’d love for you to join us.